Unitronic Dealer in Downers Grove, IL


Unitronic Dealer

Pugi Volkswagen in Downers Grove is proud to be an Authorized Unitronic Dealer providing performance tuning software for our VW vehicles.

About Unitronic
At the outset, Unitronic company provided services to garages and local dealers. Their solutions allowed them to overcome many electronic problems, but they felt that they could do more. So, in 2003, Unitronic officially entered the automobile industry with a clear objective: to be the ultimate authority in high-performance tuning software development and to be known worldwide.

Today, Unitronic offers optimal solutions to European car drivers to help them improve their engine’s performance and reduce fuel consumption. Unitronic pushes the boundaries and provides customers with products that are at the cutting edge of technology. They tailor their services to directly meet clients’ specific needs. Always evolving and progressing, Unitronic fulfills customers’ high expectations. Having Unitronic by your side will give you strength and solidarity. By acquiring the prestigious membership status, you will open new doors by joining the extensive Unitronic family.

Unitronic Chipped Genuine Products – Key Benefits
Unitronic Chipped Genuine Performance Software will allow you to appreciate a truly unforgettable driving experience. Avoid the unpleasant surprises associated with low grade and counterfeit performance software, such as irregular malfunctions, Check Engine Lights, poor fuel efficiency and mechanical failure. Invest your hard-earned money wisely; choose software that has a proven reliability record, the highest quality standards, and a world-renowned reputation. If you care about your car, don’t settle for just any software; choose Unitronic Chipped Genuine Performance Software – available now at Pugi, your local Chicago Volkswagen Dealership.

Every single Unitronic Chipped Genuine Performance Software is specifically designed for an individual ECU Code and Software revision, meaning that each software is developed in direct accordance with the specifications established by the manufacturer. In fact, Unitronic goes beyond the standard specifications to develop software that will improve every aspect of your driving experience. To ensure optimal performance and reliability, Unitronic rigorously controls the quality and consistency of our software; no other reseller can compete with this level of precision. Unitronic conducts stringent quality control checks to ensure that every vehicle remains as safe and reliable as the day it first went on the road. Unitronic and Pugi VW are committed to offering you a truly refined product that is designed specifically for your vehicle, ensuring maximum reliability.

For more information regarding the Unitronic products available at Pugi Volkswagen in Downers Grove, please feel free to contact our VW Service Department.  A qualified VW and Unitronic Specialist will be happy to assist you.