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Volkswagen Safety Features

Why buy from Pugi VW?

Volkswagen is proud to offer all of the latest safety technology features to make your driving experience safer, easier and more enjoyable than ever before.

Front Assist

This ambient traffic monitor works to ensure you do not get too close to the vehicle in front of you. The two-stage response attempts to warn drivers before fully engaging the brakes.

First, the Front Assist system will provide audio and visual alerts to warn drivers that they are following too closely to the vehicle in front of them. The vehicle's brake pad are gently applied to the discs without slowing the vehicle to prepare for possible emergency braking in the second stage.

If the gap between the cars is not increased, the Front Assist system will apply a short burst of braking to physically alert the driver. If the driver does not respond by pressing on the brakes, the system will apply partial braking to slow down the vehicle. If a collision is impending, the Front Assist will apply hard emergency brakes to reduce the speed of impact.

Blind Spot Monitor


The Blind Spot Monitor uses sensors strategically located on the body of the vehicle to alert the driver to objects or cars in its blind spot. The sensors works when the vehicle is going over 9-10 mph. Drivers are alerted to vehicles in their blind spot with a flashing LED light on the side-view mirror. If the driver puts on their turn signal to attempt to merged despite the initial warning, the LED will flash more brightly.

Rear Traffic Alert

Rear Traffic Alert works best when backing out a vehicle from a garage or parking space. Sensors located in the back of the car provide an audible alert if a car, person, or other obstacle is in the way. If the driver continues to reverse, the car will automatically apply the brakes to reduce potential damage or injury.

Adaptive Cruise Control

Like any cruise control, this system helps you set and maintain a specific driving speed. What adaptive cruise control adds is the ability for the vehicle to automatically brake and accelerate when necessary to maintain a safe distance from vehicles ahead.

Lane Assist

Lane Assist helps drivers stay within their lanes. If the vehicle starts to wander or weave to the sides of the lane, this system use a visual cue on the steering wheel as an alert. Some Volkswagen vehicles come equipped with advanced Lane Assist, which takes control of the car and gently steers it back to the middle of the lane. If it is unable to correct the vehicle enough, the steering wheel will vibrate as a physical alert.

Park Assist

With Park Assist, parallel parking is easier than ever. This system automatically steers the vehicle to safely and easily park. The driver must still use the brake and accelerator with the Park Assist helpfully telling the driver when to stop and go. Park Assist is also capable of measuring parking spots to ensure they are large enough before beginning to park. The steering can be overridden at any time.

 Park Pilot

The Park Pilot system helps drivers know how much space there is in front of or behind their vehicle. An audible tone is played that will increase in pitch as the front or rear bumper gets closer to objects. The tone will sound continuously when the vehicle is within a foot of any object. Some Volkswagen models come equipped with a visual display of the Park Pilot that shows an overhead depiction of the surroundings.

Area View

VW Safety Features

With Area View, four wide-angle cameras located on all sides of the vehicle show a live view of the vehicle's surroundings on the touchscreen console display. This live image can help with hitching trailers, merging onto the highway, and other driving scenarios in which extra visibility is helpful.

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